A little about us..

There’s a common theme shared between Lisa and I (Jade)
We always want to talk about the elephant in the room (the awkward shit),
Fully OWN who we are (warts and all) and;
Move through the (at times) uncomfortable realities of life.
Since we were little kids we were noticing the inconsistencies in the lives of people around us. If we had the vocabulary to express our inner dialogue (our thoughts) it would have sounded something like:
Why is no one stating the obvious?
Why are people pretending they didn’t do that?
Why can’t they just sort out their problems!?
Why are they repeating those mistakes again?
These adults can’t be serious?
Jump forward to our twenties when Lisa and I were on Struggle St – both aware and unaware we were repeating the same patterns as the adults we had previously analysed.
It turns out…..SELF AWARENESS and KNOWING WHO YOU ARE is not so cut and dry.
This is why we created this channel –  its a little space where we shoot the shit, share stories and interviews combined with an account of our ongoing journey of SELF DISCOVERY.
Take what you need from this outlet, we hope by sharing our lives and continued self discovery we encourage you to have fun exploring and discovering yours.